Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ever since Roo received a pair of Lightening McQueen pj's for Valentines Day that said "Love Drives Me Crazy" (aka: the "drive me crazy jammies") he's been in love with them & Lightening McQueen.
So for his Birthday Party he insisted on a Lightening McQueen party.
First he wanted everyone to wear "drive me crazy jammies" but since I convinced him grandma & grandpa probably couldn't find any he decided it would be ok if everyone just wore something CARS. :)
And here's some pics from the fun lovin party for my sweet, adorable, hilarious, crazy, stubborn, happily infuriating little brother, bad example big brother, dare devil and monkey, roo bears party!!
I love my Roo! He brings so much light into my life. He loves to be naughty & does it so well always with his completely guilty unashamed smile. He keeps me running & on my toes at all times & though I joke often about selling him to a circus or a zoo, when his never ending energy gets to me, I would never give this kid up for anything. He literally is my sunshine! You are so smart Roo (sometimes too smart) & so daring (always too daring) & SO FAST! I love you bud!! Never Change!! <3 <3 <3
Here the kids are at the starting line of the box car obstacle course...

Here are a few of them running the race! SO cute!

Roo & Trey Bug navigating their cars & the tires

On to the final stretch up the hill trying to
avoid uncle Kyle's attempt at making my
kid friendly game more dangerous...
luckily the only kid his well placed tire attack
took out was his own daughter. ;) Sorry

The Next game the kids got to pick which car they thought would be the fastest going down the mini race track.
It was fun even though Lukey was always waiting at the finish to steal the cars, & Trey would rather gather & hoard the cars then risk sending them down to certain doom @ Lukey's hand :) I LOVE THESE LITTLE BOYS!

 The last activity was Roo's race car piniata. Always a favorite with boys who are finally allowed to swing bats at something that isnt a ball... :) The girls love it too & are actually very good at wielding that bat!

Roo is in love, & very posessive of all his new goodies!
Thanks to everyone who gave Roo things that are not obnoxiously noisy or the rest of you (you know who you are) Roo loves you & I will get even! ;) 

This was such a fun cake to make!!
The base was actually a chocolate fudge cake with the buttercream icing (Roo's favorite...on that particular day)
& the car was a rice crispy I molded, as well as I could, and covered with a much better tasting marshmallow fondant.
All totally edible & actually fair tasting if I do say so myself. :)
My dad has some better pics of it from before some unknown little boys decided to stick their fingers in random spots all around the different frostings. ;)
Gotta love 'em! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lance & I went to Hawaii with his parents & brother & sis-in-law. It was so much fun. I am not the best flyer so we opted not to island hop & to just hit Oahu this trip.
We were there for 10 days & God bless my WONDERFUL, AMAZING, KIND, GENEROUS, MIRACULOUS, MIRACLE WORKER of a mother for keeping my 3 kids & 2 dogs... she is amazing & I can never thank her enough!! <3
ok, now that I've done my doting... we had such a blast! we shopped @ the swap meet, hiked the trails, drove our jeeps all throughout the beautiful scenery around the island, saw Pearl Harbor, went through a session at the Temple, did an entire day at the Polynesian Culture Center, tried out boogie boarding & snorkling, swam & even did a parasailing trip. There is so much more to say but I'm afraid I'd be blogging all night. It was fun & even though I had some bouts of homesickness for my kids, I called them often & was able to really enjoy myself, my freedom & of course my husband. Love you babe!!!


Here we are on the 4th floor Condo the 1st night we got there, I was SOOOO taken with the view of the ocean we immediately changed into our suits & dove in!! Well, I dove in, Lance waded in like a pansy & Emily let the waves run over her ankles before calling it quits & going for a walk with Trevor. :)

Here we are on our ride to the Dole Plantation, it was so fun. I spent way too much money, bought myself a white pearl ring & chose a lucky clam that had white twins in it as my "extra free gift" for spending too much money... & the ice cream was to DIE for. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!


I insisted that while I was in Hawaii, we were going to do as much tourists stuff as we could!!
I convinced the guys to parasail with me. Lance & I went up after his dad & Trevor. It was amazing!!! Even with the whale chasing after our boat ;) The crew of our lucky boat were so fun, except their cruel tradition of giving every "flyer" a salt water enima on the way back into the boat :)


Here's just some of the million snaps I took of the Gorgeous views:

This little guy & about a thousand of his friends were our constant companions on our small private part of the beach...we also had a ton of turtles that swam right around our cove. They were so fun to watch & they came so close to the shore it was amazing to watch, I got a few pics of them but they were all from the 14th fl condo & so they are very very small.

Anywho, here's a bunch of pics of us exploring our little paradise:



This is one of the many wonderful, beautiful waterfall hikes on the island. It was gorgeous, humid, wet & muddy..... & I LOVED every minute of it!


WE MADE IT!!!! :)

On our way to the PCC!! Definately one of the most fun days!

Clearly we aren't the most photogenic bunch but gorgeous scenery anyways.

 Here's Lance's dad being a good sport after we generously volunteered him in a hula contest... he did excellent but he had stiff competition in a 4yr old girl.

 The dinner & show was fun & wonderful. I could not get enough of all the dancing! It was constant entertainment.
Kissing the pig was supposed to bring good luck....or atleast thats how Lance explained it when he took this pic then bust out laughing...


This was everything I thought it would be and a whole lot more. So tragic & triumphant. I was almost crying through most of it & loving the history these monuments teach through it all.

 I fell in love with this...

The La'ie Temple is so BEAUTIFUL, I know I use that word a lot but truly Hawaii can only  be described as wonderful exotic beauty.

Now to the end of the Fairy tale.... We were finally able to get Trevor out of his wranglers only to discover the identity of his "beach attire".... hahaha

Here's the guys testing out their snorkling skills...

& as a grand finale .... our very last view of the Ocean before heading to the airport. :*(

hehehe... if you dont catch on to why I am giggling you need to click on this image & take a closer look ;)